Right on time, Yahoo posts long profile of Gillispie

(AP photo/Ed Reinke)

Almost on cue, Jason King of Yahoo Sports has a long profile of Billy Gillispie today.

That’s just one day after Texas Tech fired Pat Knight as basketball coach, leading to speculation that Gillispie would be the next coach in Lubbock.

King talked to Gillispie for two hours last week in Allen Fieldhouse, where Gillispie had come to see his old boss, Bill Self.

An exceprt:

Looking closer to 41 than 51, Gillispie hardly resembles the puffy-cheeked man whose police mug shot was plastered on the front of newspapers across Kentucky 18 months ago. His face is thinner, his eyes sparkle and his voice booms with energy as he talks about the satisfaction he’s received from working with charitable organizations such as MADD and Big Brothers Big Sisters the past few months.

Ask him about his legal issues and Gillispie hardly bristles. Even though therapists in the Houston rehabilitation center run by former NBA coach John Lucas concluded he didn’t have a problem with alcohol – “He had a problem making good decisions when he was around alcohol, big difference,” Lucas said – Gillispie has decided to quit drinking.

“I don’t need it,” Gillispie said. “I didn’t need it before, either. I just decided not to do it anymore.”

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  1. Bob says:

    Yeah, right. He’s been arrested 3 times in 10 years for DUI, photographed in embarrassing and apparently drunken hot tub scenes, but he doesn’t have any problem at all.

    From what I understand, there is no chance of getting better until you admit you have a problem. A man who’s been arrested for DUI 3 times has a very, very, very, very, very serious problem, and is the opposite of a role model for young adults such as those playing basketball.

  2. Elliott Hutchcraft says:

    Please show photographs of hot tub scenes. The way the internet is I don’t think anybody could have prevented them from being posted somewhere. I’m not saying he didn’t drink, but I think a lot of these stories are just urban legend.

    Just let it go and let him go coach somewhere else. Surprised by all the hatred towards him still.

  3. Elliott Hutchcraft says:

    Some people are just delusional. Gillispie may have not been a good fit, but he didn’t have the greatest hand dealt to him.

    We WERE a good team at the end of his first year. Had Patterson not been hurt we would have been a tough out. Do you remember how much better Crawford and Bradley were that year?

    If you gave him the same players as Cal, I’d take Gillispie coaching. And I love Cal at UK, but I think Gillispie is the better coach during the heat of the game.

    Yes, he shouldn’t have lost to Gardner-Webb, and VMI, and UNC shouldn’t have lost to Santa Clara the year they won the national championship.

    I don’t think we’ll ever know the whole story, so just let him go coach elsewhere. Alcohol surely seemed to be a problem, but why should we be so judgemental about it and not give him a second chance. If anybody didn’t know, the bright lights can shine TOO MUCH at UK and I actually don’t think that exists anywhere else with the exception of football in Tuscaloosa.

    I still don’t understand why people think the whole Harrelson toilet incident is THAT bad. I’m guaranteeing you that Coach K would do the same types of things. I’m not saying it’s the best thing to do, but he’s not going around and hitting players. Too much media attention on it, IMO.