Was Josh Harrellson open on that final play?

Josh Harrellson

Josh Harrellson

Back home from Arkansas and noticed Aaron Smith of the Kentucky Kernel has a good breakdown of Kentucky’s final play — the in-bounds play in which Brandon Knight ended up sailing a three-point attempt well over the goal — in the 77-76 overtime loss to the Razorbacks.

Looking at the screenshots, however, it doesn’t appear to me that Josh Harrellson is all that open on the final play. In the post-game press conference, head coach John Calipari said Harrellson was “wide open” and that UK did not throw him the basketball. But the frame in which Knight has the ball in the corner appears to show that in fact a triangle of Arkansas defenders would have a chance to deflect or contest a pass to the post.

Plus, there were only 1.8 seconds left when Kentucky inbounded the ball, not a lot of time for a second pass.

I do agree with Aaron that Liggins was “patient enough” on the in-bounds play to look for Harrellson. But Kentucky is not a post-up team. The Cats rarely look for Harrellson in the post. He’s been used as more of a screener who rolls to the basket for clean-up duty. Maybe out of habit Kentucky failed to look for Josh in the post on the final play.

I’m not going to rip off the pics, so read Aaron’s analysis and see what you think.

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