Calipari apologizes for his language at end of game

Kentucky had barely left Coleman Coliseum last night when coach John Calipari sent out tweets apologizing for being caught on national TV using some, well, colorful and graphic language to Terrence Jones at the end of the Kentucky loss.

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  1. UK in NC says:

    That kind of profanity is certainly nothing new in today’s society. I cannot think of any circumstances, however, under which it is appropriate to use it (particularly publicly) on a person who is under your control and supervision, regardless of their age or the nature of the relationship. Let’s acknowledge the frustration of coaching athletes who are not doing what they have been repeatedly told to do — the question remains whether public humiliation of the player with that kind of language is likely to change the situation for the better or worse. I would also ask Coach Cal how he would react if the President of UK or the Athletic Director used the same public diatribe toward him for his performance. I’m a big fan, Cal, but you’re better than that.

  2. wilburWright says:

    Media is so scared of upsetting their access to Calipari, most are scared to call him out for his outlandish behavior….No one in a position of control should use that kind of language, especailly in public. Where’s the University on this, where is the SEC, where is the NCAA?. He is truely “the Teflon Coach”

  3. Rich says:

    I keep hearing that cussing your players is normal in college athletics. I don’t think of Coach Cal as a guy aiming for normal. I really don’t understand how players want to play for a guy who calls them a MF, and I don’t understand how that is Cal’s best. If you are for real coach, then treat your guys with enough respect to not use words to beat them down.

  4. Terry says:

    What’s really sad is that J.C. doesn’t hold himself to a higher standard. Anyone can swear – it takes maturity and self discipline to lead without resorting to such cheap language. He can do better than this. Time to grow up, John.