Will U of L punish ticket-holders because of Blue?

(H-L photo)

New Lexington mayor Jim Gray (left) and new Louisville mayor Greg Fischer at game on Friday. (H-L photo)

Caught a little of Drew Deener’s Sunday morning call-in show on WHAS this morning, and the subject came up of the surprisingly large number of Kentucky fans sitting in the lower bowl of KFC Yum Center on Friday.

Deener said that he knew for a fact that Louisville officials were upset about blue-clad patrons sitting in prime seats, to the point where U of L personnel were taking pictures of sections presumably to try and find who might have been selling those seats to Kentucky fans.

A caller said he knew that schools are allowed to revoke season tickets, and wondered if that would be done in this case.

That brings up the question: Should a school be allowed to deny tickets to fans who are selling them to opposing fans? What do you think?

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  1. Cassi Haggard says:

    To me that comes across as petty. Unless they revoke all the scalper’s season tickets then I don’t see how they can specifically target opposing fans without looking ridiculous. It would come across as a kid throwing a tantrum because they lost the game.

    (For the record: I don’t really like it when anyone sells tickets above their face value.)

  2. blue says:

    It’s hard to know for sure which fanbase you are selling your tickets to. People could act like a card fan just to get those tickets…

  3. Seedy K says:

    U of L has nobody to blame but themselves. If they had sold those seats to long time loyal donors — as they should have — instead of the highest bidders (mostly corporations), such a situation wouldn’t exist.

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  6. inspector says:

    This is no different than when UK ticket holders sell tickets and parking passed to other people from others schools. I have tried for years to get a blue parking pass for UK football games for years, but no luck. UK says they are no parking passes available. I go to the games and you see people standing on the corners with a handful of parking passes, blue, green, ect. The point I am trying to make is, if people can make enough from selling tickets or parking passes for game to pay for the entire year they will. Schools, like UK and UL are to blame for allowing this to happen, but what can anybody do, nothing. UofL will be able to do nothing about either, next year during the UK UofL basketaball game there will be UofL people sitting in the lower section of RUPP. To much money to be made off of one game not to cash in.

  7. krautdog says:

    Does ANYTHING the University of Louisville athletics does suprise you? GO CATS!

  8. Kaintuckeean says:

    I wonder how many of the Louisville fans having season tickets are Louisville-fans-except-when-playing-Kentucky? That would be an interesting discovery.

    Fantastic pictures of the new mayors!!

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  10. Johnny says:


    Why even ask for feedback? The only people who will respond will be bluebloods who would argue for anything in favor of the big blue. Might as well poll on the Republicans and ask them if they like President Obama too.

  11. JackB says:

    I live in Atlanta and have some UGa friends. When I go see UK play in Athens, I understand that if he lets me sit in certain seats (like on the floor – Athens basketball tix aren’t like getting tix in Rupp), I can’t wear UK colors. The reason is they don’t want non-UGa fans in the most prime seats – those on the floor or right behind UGa bench). I had to sit on the floor once, so I agreed, and it was tough — turned my shirt inside out so it was plain gray and sat on my hands during the game. When you have friends doing favors like that, you learn to be a “good opposing fan.” Most LHL comment makers could try that sometime.:)

    But I prefer to be a fan so now I just sit in “regular” seats (still good seats, just not the ones on the floor or right behind the UGA bench) that he has the right to purchase and sells me at face value so I can cheer and yell and wear my Big Blue colors. But in the Athens arena, every seat is like the lower arena in Rupp, so I have no complaints.

    Interesting related story: When UNC coach Roy Williams had some kid thrown out of a UNC blowout a few years ago, showing his high class nature, one of hte excuses he made during the fall out was that the seats the kid was in were high priced donor seats behind the UNC bench and he wanted to know who let an opposing team’s fans sit there.

    Bottom line: if tix end up in UK fans hands because of scalping, I suppose the University would like to discourage that. But lots of season ticket holders, especially in Louisville, are going to have friends that root for opposing teams, especially UK. I don’t think it is right to tell someone they can’t bring a friend to the game unless you make your friend not wear his/her team’s colors. And I would say the same to a Rupp ticket holder. I know I would bring friends and business associates to UK games if I were a season ticket holder even if they were going to root for the opponent.

  12. Larry "Bob" Biswick says:

    I’ve been to hundreds of professional and collegiate sporting events in my life, and I’m currently a Bengals season ticket holder. I sometimes pay for a good chunk of my Bengals tickets by selling the tickets to the Pittsburgh game. I don’t recall ever seeing anything about a dress code printed on any ticket to any sporting event I’ve ever attended.

  13. JackB says:

    The picture accompanying John’s post supports my post above. That looks like two people talking to each other that probably know each other and went to the game together. One is wearing red (at least on the outside – looks like a blue dress shirt underneath), and the other blue. Probably friends, with the UofL fan or a corporation the season ticket holder.

  14. My Two Cents says:

    According to KRS 518.070, selling tickets above face value is against the law… now it being enforced is a completely different story. Didn’t they solve the issue with the Miley Cyrus tickets going for thousands of dollars by preventing resale? They made the person with the tickets show the credit card used to purchase the tickets… should do this with the games. It would prevent the scalpers from buying up the tickets or parking passes for resale. The schools won’t do this though because they would be the ones to gamble the money if not all of the tickets sell… not the scalpers/companies.

  15. TBONE says:

    I don’t have a problem with normal season ticket holders selling their ticks. They bought them so be it. But students shouldn’t be able to sell their tickets to just anyone. They should have to show student ID to get in the game. That’s the only problem I have.

  16. Steven says:

    Since when has UGA not let UK colors courtside? I sat directy behind the UGA bench last year with a friend and both of us were decked out in blue. The ushers were cool as heck and even took pictures of us when we got there for pregame. Think your friends just may not be wanting you to wear colors that low…

  17. Mike says:

    JackB, the guys in the picture are the new mayors of Lexington(in blue of course) and Louisville.

  18. DoctorJ says:

    UofL is being petty about this, but UK athletics officials could react the same way.

    Once you start dictating who can and who cannot sit in the lower arena or behind your team bench at home, you are removing freedom of the fans, and people might as well not attend. Let the universities hire paid actors to sit where they want, if it’s that important to them. If you produce a sufficiently good enough sports product, people will want to come – but if they want to resell their seats occasionally or take friends from their opponent’s schools, that should be up to them. Considering the astronomical cost of some of these seats, I think the schools have forfeited their rights to dictate what the purchaser can do with them…

  19. JackB says:

    Steven – I wouldn’t be kicked out. But the AD frowns on it, and my friend knows every coach, administrator, etc on sight. I’ve had dinner with Munson, the Olympic swimming coach (UGa’s swimming coach also) and Richt before a UK/UGa basketball game with him. If he says it is frowned upon, it is frowned upon. I still get to sit within a few rows of the floor. I can’t speak for your situation.

  20. Jo C says:

    DoctorJ, Amen. The tickets are bought and paid for. The people who spent the money(obscene amount by the way) can do as they wish with them. Little Brother just can’t understand that no matter where the game is, Kentucky fans are gonna be there in force. That’s why we are the BIG BLUE NATION.

  21. John Clay says:

    I’m sorry, Jack, I should have identified the picture. On the left is Jim Gray, new mayor of Lexington. On the right is Greg Fischer, new mayor of Louisville.

  22. owen says:

    What is absolutely hilarious about this is the fact I know for a fact that UK fans in Louisville will buy loserville season tix just for one game then sell the rest. Tommy turtleneck will never admit to it, but it’s true. If they didn’t sell season ticket pkgs to the highest bidder as opposed to long time donors, they wouldn’t have this problem. Screw Louisville.

  23. Eric B says:

    I think SeedyK got it right. UL (exposed by Terry Meiners) sold tickets to high paying corporate donors BEFORE releasing available seats to long time fans. You bet the corporate ticket holders gave tix to good customers and out of town Executives for this game and some of them being UK Fans I sat in a luxury box at Papa Johns cheering on EKU

  24. jon says:

    Kentucky fans sell/scalp as many tickets as Louisville or any other college basketball program. All you have to do is look at your checkbook to see how much money you are paying for UK basketball tickets. A scam by both schools……..

  25. Steven says:

    JackB – Haha… maybe the owners of the seats I bought got a strict talking to :-) It was a good time… like their arena. It was my first time there and for the most part those around me were very nice (a few jerks). Overall a great experience.

  26. JackB says:

    Steven – in fairness to UGa, the only time I was asked by my friend to not wear UK colors was when he let me sit for the second half ON THE FLOOR. Not behind the bench — but essentially the same seats AS the bench – just on the other side of the court. Best seats EVAH. I’ve been to a few games since then when UK wasn’t playing – so I wore red and black and pulled for the Dawgs. Great seats for any SEC game no matter who is playing – especially when the Dawg beat the Gators.

  27. JackB says:

    Sorry about not knowing who was in the picture. As indicated above, I’ve lived in Atlanta for nearly two decades. Not keeping up with Kentucky mayoral politics.

    Now that I know that, how funny that the Louisville mayor elect is wearing a blue button down? (And the sweater isn’t really red!)

  28. J.R. says:

    Sounds like something Roy Williams would do.

  29. EW says:

    I work with a company out of Louisville that has 8 season tickets for UL games. I was actually supposed to get 4 of them, but something came up last minute. I had planned to take a customer that is a also a UK fan. I’m betting that many other business hold some season tickets as well. I’d also bet that many of the UK fans you saw there were given the tickets by businesses. The company I know treats the UK tickets like gold to try and lure more business opportunities. They are UL fans, but they are much more worried about GREEN than red or blue.

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  31. FearTheSleeves says:

    I wonder if Greg Fischer will have his tickets revoked. Should be interesting…

  32. stbush says:

    Like it or not, Louisville, but there is a lot of money in Lexington. Corporate money, private money, old money. And a lot of UK fans who will pay anything to attend the games. So they buy season tickets to U of L games for one ticket every other year. The rest of the season the seat either goes empty or is given to employees/friends/clients. It went on at Freedom Hall and it goes on in the new arena. They can’t revoke the seats, because the seat holder actually was at the game. Giving away tickets isn’t against the law. Wearing blue in that section — just try and enforce it — want to see empty seats in the arena on television during the rest of the season?

  33. Jon says:

    Ticket prices are so crazy these days, I hardly ever go to any sporting event. Maybe one every 5 years.

  34. Katbluefan says:

    Nothing the Univ. of Louisville would do about the tickets would surprise me. They gave Pitino a contract extension and raise for cheating on his wife, which produced a baby that he then paid $3500.00 for to abort. They then didn’t go by the Morals Clause in his contract which should have terminated his employment. This is not the way to run a University and it doesn’t look like the President and AD of UL know how.

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